The Corinthian Sailing Foundation awards grants that further its stated mission.
Projects and organizations whose purpose falls outside the scope of the Foundation’s mission shall not be considered.

The Corinthian Sailing Foundation maintains a preference for project and general support grants. Annual donation drives are disfavored, although the Foundation may approve annual donations when it is deemed in the best interests of the Foundation.

The Foundation may authorize expenditure responsibility grants in appropriate circumstances. In such instances, a member of the board of directors will be chosen to act as a Foundation liaison with the grantee and will monitor the grantee’s use of funds on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws.

Foundation grants are generally small (<$10,000), reflecting the Foundation’s limited financial resources. The Foundation encourages grantees to use Foundation grants as leverage in gaining additional support.

Application Requirements

The Foundation will review all solicited and unsolicited applications submitted in proper form. Applicants may submit grant requests to the Foundation at any time. The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of all applications in a timely manner.

The Application should be in the form of a letter (five pages maximum) that provides:

  1. a summary of the applicant organization’s history, programs and goals;

  2. a concise statement of the purpose of the request;

  3. a budget for the program or organization, an indication of other prospective

    funding sources and the amount requested of each, and a statement of the

    sponsoring organization’s total budget and financial position;

  4. the identity and qualifications of key personnel;

  5. a list of current members of the applicant’s governing body; and

  6. a statement to the effect that the application has been reviewed by the applicant’s

    governing body and specifically approved for submission to the Foundation.

In addition, all applications must include documentation of the applicant’s federal tax- empty status.

Submit Completed Applications To:

Corinthian Sailing Foundation
Attn: Application Review Committee
One Nahant Street
P.O. Box 401
Marblehead, MA 01945

Application Dates

The Foundation conducts two yearly grant review meetings, in April and October. There are no application deadlines and the Foundation will accept applications on an ongoing basis. The number of applications reviewed in any application period (defined as the six months between each grant review meeting) shall be determined at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Applications received but not reviewed during any grant cycle will be deferred to the next grant cycle. Applicants are encouraged to submit their materials at least two (2) months before each grant review meeting of the board to assure that the initial review process for the application is concluded in advance of the review meeting.

Application Review and Evaluation

The Foundation maintains an Application Review Committee charged with conducting an initial screening of all grant applications. The Application Review Committee determines whether or not an application fall within the Foundation’s scope of interest. Applicants that do not meet initial screening criteria will be notified of that decision in a timely fashion.

Applications that do meet initial screening criteria will be evaluated more thoroughly and the Application Review Committee may request additional information from the applicant. A site visit or meeting may also be scheduled. Applicants, at the discretion of the Application Review Committee, may also be invited to present and defend their application before the board.

The Foundation reviews qualifying applications at its semi-annual grant review meetings, which are held in April and October of each year.

Reporting Requirements

At the termination of the grant year, a frank project assessment in narrative form and a financial report are required from each grantee. In some instances, interim reports may be requested. Subsequent applications for funding will be considered only if all necessary reports have been submitted to the Foundation in a timely manner.